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BCIRP Committee Listserv

Get connected through the BCIRP Committee Listserv!


Step One: You will need to sign up as "limited members" of CIRPA (free), or "regular members" ($100 plus tax). Once you have signed up as a member, contact to request to be added to the list of BCIRP Committee members.

Step Two: Once you have signed up as a limited or regular CIRPA member and have been added as a BCIRP Committee member, you will see a link to "Committees" on the menu bar of the landing page.   


Step Three: From the Committees page, you will see a table of Committee Workspaces. Click on the link to the "British Columbia Institutional Researchers and Planners" in the table.

Step Four: As a BCIRP Committee member, you will be able to post to the discussion forums or upload files to the file library, etc. This is where you will find the BCIRP Terms of Reference.